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Washburn School Reinforces Writing Across the Curriculum

Writing Across the Curriculum at Washburn - “If you want great performance, we must strive for it. “

Mr. Edward Torres, our Headmaster, has been assessing our 7th to 12th grade students while working with their writing skills for the past three days. Mr. Ronnie Lopezcepero, our Educational Development Director and Board Member, helped us update our standards within our curriculum and will also be working with the Elementary School.
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Washburn Holiday Activity, Toy Drive, and Request for Lights (ENCENDIDO NAVIDEÑO)

Washburn School Toy Drive Announcement
We are also kindly requesting any spare Christmas lights you may lend us for our Friday, November 30 activity called "ENCENDIDO NAVIDEÑO". It will help us light up our school at 6:00 pm with the holiday spirit while we celebrate the upcoming winter holidays and our Puerto Rican culture with food and performances from our students! We will also initiate our toy drive collection during our activity starting that same day to help the less fortunate children around Puerto Rico during the holidays.
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Congratulations to the November Students of the Month for Washburn School

We have a criteria for evaluating students that includes voting from all staff and faculty members in a rubric that includes observations for each student, classroom behavior, values outside the classroom, outstanding social factors with peers, and their positive impact to our overall community. The teachers who vote and nominate fill out the rubric anonymously . It means that all faculty members pick the winner without exactly knowing who is the outstanding student at Washburn School in each month, thus promoting a fair selection that includes everyones feedback!
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Si tienen decoraciones navideñas que nos puedan prestar para la actividad del viernes, te lo agradeceremos. Favor de dejar las decoraciones en la oficina con la Sra. Jennifer Piazza con el nombre de usted y de su hijo/a. (Lo estaremos usando para el ENCENDIDO NAVIDEÑO)
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