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Washburn School Teachers Finished their Third Week of Workshops

Washburn School teachers from Pre-kinder to 12th grade have been taking afternoon workshops for the past three weeks on the following topics:

1. Psychoeducational Strategies for the New Classroom: The Home
2. Management of Anxiety in Times of Pandemics.
3. Psychological Indicators: Identification and Management

Education is a never-ending process. It doesn’t stop after earning a degree and starting a career. Through continuing education, career-minded individuals can constantly improve their skills and become more proficient at their jobs.
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College Board en Washburn School

El miércoles, 21 de octubre los estudiantes de 11mo y 12mo grado estarán tomando la prueba de admisión universitaria del College Board. Esta prueba se administrará de 8:00 a.m. a 12:00 m.d. En la tarde tendrán las clases regulares, según el horario correspondiente.
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Washburn School 2020 Monster Math-O-Thon

El pasado viernes, 18 de septiembre el Washburn tuvo una actividad de matemáticas llamado  Monster Math-a-thon. Ese día, en las clases de matemáticas, se llevaron a cabo diferentes actividades y competencias relacionadas a las matemáticas.

Last friday, September 18th, Washburn School celebrated a Mathematics even called the  Monster Math-a-thon. Students conduct eddifferent activities and competitions related to mathematics.
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Microsoft Teams & Stream Tutorials

Microsoft Teams & Stream - How to join live classes without being invited, download classes for viewing if it did not upload to Microsoft Stream, and how to watch recorded classes on Stream from teachers that upload from Zoom and Teams video conferencing. (TUTORIAL IN ENGLISH)
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