2nd Grade Science

Ms. Monica Trickett
Elementary School

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2nd Grade Class 2/21/19

This afternoon, we reviewed how Earth can change slowly. Then, we read pages 174-175 about how Earth changes quickly. We completed workbook pages 92-93 and took notes on these pages. 
*Exam 5 grades were written in each child's notebook and posted on isinet. 

2nd Grade Class 2/19/19

This morning, we read pages 172 and 173 about how Earth can be changed slowly. We completed workbook page 91 and drew the diagram on page 173 about how ice changes land. 
*Exam 5 is tomorrow. 

2nd Grade Class 2/14/19

Today in class we read pages 166-167. Then, we completed workbook pages 85-88. 

2nd Grade Class 2/13/19

This afternoon, we reviewed landforms and the reasons we think water is important. Then, we read about the importance of water on pages 164-165. Then, we completed workbook pages 83 and 84. In their notebooks, the  students illustrated two reasons why water is important and then wrote a sentence about it.

2nd Grade Class 2/12/19

This afternoon, we discussed the importance of water by completing the inquiry activity on page 163. After this activity, students used play-doh to create the four landforms that we have talked about in class. 

Important: Test date change!

Due to English week activities on Tuesday, February 19th, the science exam is moved to Wednesday, February 20th. 

2nd Grade Class 2/11/19

This afternoon, I stapled the exam review in each child's notebook. The exam is on Tuesday, February 19, 2019. 
The students completed a handout for points during class. 

2nd Grade Class 2/7/19

This afternoon, we reviewed landforms with brain based learning activity. Then, we read about what is inside Earth. We completed workbook page 82 and drew and labeled a model Earth's layers. 

2nd Grade Class 2/6/19

This afternoon, we reviewed landforms and maps. Then, we read pages 142-145 and reviewed habitats on page 146. Then, we completed workbook pages 77, 78, and 81. 
*Exam 5 on Chapter 4 Lesson 3 and Chapter 5 Lesson 1 will be on February 19th. 

2nd Grade Class 1/28/19

This afternoon, we reviewed the ocean ecosystem and then I read a book about a new ocean creature (the jellyfish) to them. We talked about the parts of the jellyfish, how it eats, moves etc. Then, we began making out own jellyfish crafts. We will finish the activity tomorrow and write a few sentences about what we learned. 

2nd Grade Class 1/25/19

This afternoon, the students listened to a read aloud about creatures of the deep ocean. After the read aloud, they each selected the animal that was most interesting to them. They drew the animal and wrote one sentence containing information about the creature. 

2nd Grade Class 1/24/19

This afternoon, we watched the video on ocean habitats to review yesterday's content. Then, we read pages 138-139 and compared the pond to the ocean. We worked on workbook pages 72 and 73. The students finished class working on their pond illustrations. They drew the habitat and included at least 4 animals that live there. 
*Exam 4 grades were written in the back of each child's notebook. 

2nd Grade Class 1/23/19

This afternoon, due to technical difficulties, we were not able to watch the ocean video. We read and observed the pictures on pages 136-137. Then, we completed workbook page 71 together. The students took some notes on the ocean and then drew a picture that shows the habitat and at least 4 labeled animals that live there.