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2nd Grade Class 4/22/19

This afternoon, we reviewed the four seasons and how they occur. We began making a seasons wheel. We will complete this on Wednesday. 
Reminder: The last partial test is tomorrow. 

2nd Grade Class 4/10/19

This morning, we reviewed chapter 7 by reading pages 244-248 together. Then, we completed page 249 together as a class orally. After completion and opportunity for questions, students copied the attachment (same assignment completed orally in the textbook) and completed it for points.

2nd Grade Class 4/8/19

This afternoon, we did a class book club on a book called "Weather!". We all practiced reading and then we answered questions about the book together. 

2nd Grade Class 4/4/19

This afternoon, we went outside to observe and draw the clouds. When we returned to the classroom, we read pages 238-239 about different types of clouds and what they mean. 
Reminder: The Exam 7 review was posted last week on my page. I will not be able to print them at home and put them in the notebook. 

2nd Grade Class 4/3/19

This afternoon, the first half of class was dedicated to finishing the water cycle and natural resource drawings the students began yesterday. Then, we watched a video about the different types of clouds. 

2nd Grade Class 4/2/19

This afternoon, we reviewed evaporation and condensation. Then, we learned about the water cycle and combined the concepts of evaporation, condensation, and precipitation into one cycle. The students drew and labeled the water cycle and 5 natural resources. 

2nd Grade Class 3/28/19

This morning, we reviewed the video we watched yesterday and then began our lesson on weather. We read pages 224-225 together and completed workbook page 120. The students took notes in their notebook and then drew a picture of themselves in a type of weather. 

2nd Grade Class 3/27/19

This afternoon, we introduced the next Unit with the poem on pages 218-219. Then, we predicted what the next chapter would be about and watched a video about weather. 

2nd Grade Science Exam 7 Review 3/26/19

This is the review for Exam 7 which will be on April 23rd. Because I am posting this several weeks in advance, we will not be dedicating time in class to copy the review. Students should begin studying the review periodically to prepare. During the week of April 8-12, we will dedicate a day to answer questions about the review and play a review game. 

2nd Grade Class 3/26/19

This afternoon, we read pages 210-213 in our book club circle. Then, we verbally completed pages 214 and 215B together. The students then worked on these pages in handout form independently. 

2nd Grade Class 3/25/19

This afternoon, we reviewed the concepts of recycling, reusing, and reducing. Then, we read about an example of using natural resources on pages 208 and 209. We wrote about what we read and did an illustration in the notebook. 

2nd Grade Class 3/20/19

This afternoon, we reviewed pollution and then we read about how we can conserve natural resources on pages 206 and 207. We completed workbook pages 111 and 112 together and then we took notes about the 3 Rs (reduce, reuse, and recycle) in the notebook. 

2nd Grade Class 3/18/19

This afternoon, we reviewed pollution and then had a book club. I read The Lorax to them and we talked throughout the story about how pollution is involved in this book. We had a great time with this book!