4th Grade Science

Ms. Monica Trickett
Elementary School
2018-2019 Academic Year

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4th Grade Class 5/8/19

This morning, we the students completed the review and worked on their bingo card. We will be playing bingo for a review tomorrow in class. 

4th Grade Class 4/22/19

This morning, we watched a video about what makes bridges strong. The students worked on a STEM project in groups. Who can make the strongest bridge? We will continue the project on Wednesday. 
Reminder: The last partial test is tomorrow. 

4th Grade Class 4/12

This morning, we played a review game to prepare for exam 7, which is on Tuesday, April 23rd. Please see previous posts to access the review if you have not already done so. 

4th Grade Class 4/10/19

This morning, the students used class time to complete the Chapter 5 handout for points. There were permitted to use their notebooks and textbooks. This is the last assessment grade, and I will be collecting it tomorrow. I will not accept late handouts. 

4th Grade Class 4/5/19

This morning, we talked about what an expository text is. Then, we read the expository text on page 234. We practiced identifying the main idea and key details. Then, we watched a video to introduce our new lesson. 

4th Grade Class 4/4/19

This morning, we reviewed erosion. Then, we read and discussed pages 230-232. We talked about how glaciers and people change land. We answered the quick check questions and took notes. The Exam 7 review answers were posted on my page last night. Students should check their work with that document. 

4th Grade Class 4/2/19

This morning, we reviewed weathering and introduced the concept of erosion. We watched videos on both of these concepts. 

4th Grade Class 4/1/19

Yesterday, we read pages 222-223 and focused on the cause and effect relationships in the reading. Then, we read 226 and 227 about the about weathering.