4th Grade Science

Ms. Monica Trickett
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4th Grade Class 2/22/19

This morning, I wrote the exam grades in the back of each student's notebook. They read pages 154 and 155. They answered the quick check questions in their notebook and drew the land and ocean food webs. 

4th Grade Class 2/21/19

This morning, we did a class read aloud about food chains. This was a mentor text as it was written in poem form. We began practicing poem writing with rhyming words for today's reading and writing day. 
*Exam grades are on isinet. 

4th Grade Class 2/19/19

This morning, I collected the homework that was due today. Then, we watched a video to introduce food chains. We read pages 152 and 153, and the students did illustrations in their notebooks. 
*Exam 5 is tomorrow. 

4th Grade Class 2/15/19

This morning, we began our next lesson on the movement of energy throughout an ecosystem. We read pages 150-151 and discussed the different roles in an ecosystem. The students drew the image on page 150 in their notebook. 

4th Grade Class 2/14/19

This morning, we discussed the elements of a letter. Then, we read the example letter about the mangroves on page 146. For homework, due Tuesday, February 19th, the students should: 
1. Research and endangered animal. 
2.Write a letter to museum scientists about why you are concerned about this animal. 
            - write about why they are endangered and how you think the scientists                 others can and should help them. 
3. The letter should be on lined paper, not in the notebook. 
4. The letter should be in correct format (follow example on page 146). 

4th Grade Class 2/13/19

Yesterday in class, we completed the inquiry activity on page 149 to introduce our next lesson. 

4th Grade Class 2/12/19

This morning, the students used the class period to complete a handout for points. 

Important: Test date change!

Due to English week activities on Tuesday, February 19th, the science exam is moved to Wednesday, February 20th. 

4th Grade Class 2/11/19

This morning, the students used class time to copy the Exam 5 Review. We will continue wit this tomorrow. The review can be found in a previous post as it was posted last week. 
*Exam 5 is on Tuesday, February 19th. 

4th Grade Class 2/8/19

This morning, we finished the biome presentations and then used the remaining class time to work on the Exam 5 review. We will use Monday's class time to complete it. This is NOT homework. Exam 5 will be on Tuesday, February 19th. 

4th Grade Class 2/6/19

Today, we began presenting the biome dioramas. They turned out great! We will continue with this through the week. 
*Exam 5 on Chapter 3 Lessons 1-2 will be February 19th.