3rd Grade Science

Ms. Monica Trickett
Elementary School

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3rd Grade Class 2/21/19

This morning, we used the clay/play-doh to complete the quick lab activity on page 177. Then, we read and discussed a book about fossils. 
*Exam grades are on isinet.

3rd Grade Class 2/19/19

This morning, we reviewed fossils. Then, we read pages 176-177 and discussed why scientists study fossils. We completed workbook pages 73 and 74. 
*Exam 5 is tomorrow. 
* If possible, for Thursday's class, the students should have clay or play-doh for an activity. 

3rd Grade Class 2/14/19

This morning, we read a persuasive writing why we should protect the koalas, an endangered species. Then, we we reviewed our last lesson by completing the workbook pages 69-70. Then, we worked together on page 71 after doing some research about the mountain gorillas in Africa. 

3rd Grade Class 2/13/19

Students used the class time to complete the Chapter 4 Lesson 2 Handout. 

3rd Grade Class 2/12/19

This morning, the students used class time to complete the exam review. 

Important: Test date change!

Due to English week activities on Tuesday, February 19th, the science exam is moved to Wednesday, February 20th. 

3rd Grade Class 2/11/19

This morning, the students used class time to copy the Exam 5 Review. We will continue wit this tomorrow. The review can be found in a previous post as it was posted last week. 
*Exam 5 is on Tuesday, February 19th. 

3rd Grade Class 2/8/19

This morning, we reviewed the natural disasters from yesterday. Today, we discussed how organisms respond to changes in the environment. We discussed in great detail the images and interactions on pages 166-167. We read these pages as well as pages 168 and 170. We completed workbook page 68. 

3rd Grade Class 2/7/19

This morning, we reviewed how organisms and humans can change an environment. We also reviewed how humans can protect the environment. 
We read pages 162-163 about natural disasters. We completed workbook pages 63-64 and took notes on the new content. 

3rd Grade Class 2/6/19

This morning, we reviewed pages that the students worked with while I was away. We talked about how organisms and people can change environments and also how we can protect them (pages 152-156),
*Exam 5 on Chapter 4 Lessons 1-2 will be on February 19th.