3rd Grade Science

Ms. Monica Trickett
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3rd Grade Class 4/22/19

This morning, we watched a video about what makes bridges strong. The students worked on a STEM project in groups. Who can make the strongest bridge? We will continue the project on Wednesday. 
Reminder: The last partial test is tomorrow. 

3rd Grade Class 4/11 and 4/12

Yesterday, we watched two videos on the layers of soil. Then, we read and discussed pages 242-244. We completed workbook pages 108-110. This morning, we played a review game to prepare for exam 7, which is on Tuesday, April 23rd. Please see previous posts to access the review if you have not already done so. 

3rd Grade Class 4/9/19

This morning, we worked on the math in science activity on page 237. We practiced looking at data and working with fractions. 

3rd Grade Class 4/8/19

This morning, we read Marble Memorials on page 236. Then, we compared two different rocks in the United States. We used these to completed workbook pages 106-107 and the "write about it activity". 

3rd Grade Class 4/5/19

This morning, the students observed and classified rocks. They had fun being geologists!

3rd Grade Class 4/4/19

This morning, we reviewed metamorphic and sedimentary rocks. Then, we read page 234 about how rocks and minerals are used on a daily basis. We answered the quick check questions and then completed workbook pages 103-105. The Exam 7 review answers were posted on my page last night. Students should check their work with that document. 

3rd Grade Class 4/3/19

This morning, we reviewed igneous rocks and then watched a video on sedimentary and metamorphic rocks. We read pages 323 and 233 and completed workbook page 103 11-13. On Friday, the students will need their magnifying glasses. They will become geologist and classify rocks!

3rd Grade Class 3/29/19

This morning, we completed our mineral activity and we discussed that minerals have different hardnesses. We watched videos about diamonds and then wrote sentences in our notebook about our learning. 

3rd Grade Class 3/28/19

This morning, we began the class with a video to review erosion and also to introduce or new unit on rocks and minerals. Then, we began the inquiry activity on page 227. We will continue with this tomorrow. The students really enjoyed it!

3rd Grade Science Exam 7 Review 3/26/19

This is the review for Exam 7 which will be on April 23rd. Because I am posting this several weeks in advance, we will not be dedicating time in class to COMPLETE the review. Students should work on completing the review little by little at home. I will be posting the answers next week. During the week of April 8-12, we will dedicate a day to answer questions about the review and play a review game. 

3rd Grade Class 3/26/19

This morning, we checked workbook pages 96, 99, and 100. We also reviewed what students wrote on their post it notes. We read about weathering on statues in Greece on page 220. Then, we worked on workbook page 97 and 98 to draft a paragraph.