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Pre-Kinder Curriculum


Counting from 1 to 10, Counting objects, One-to-one correspondence, Number recognition, Copying, extending and creating simple patterns, Size concepts, Sorting and classifying objects, Simple graphs, Simple sets, Calendars


Family and friends: getting along with each other, similarities and differences, respect for diversity in cultures and customs, Citizenship, Working together, respecting rules, learning responsibilities, Holidays: learning cultures through the customs of various holiday celebrations, Maps: references to and how they relate to the student, Kansas history, Various symbols, American history, flag and flag salute, Community helpers, Community service, Field trips, Guest speakers


Types of weather and seasonal changes, The stars, planets and moon, Day and night, Space exploration, Plant and animal development, Comparative properties of matter, Living/nonliving, heavy/light, long/short, floating/sinking, Introduction to the six simple types of machine through examples found in the school, Basic human anatomy (the skeletal, digestive, respiratory and nervous system).


Line types (broken, straight, zigzag) and properties (dark/light, thin/thick), Using lines to define shape, to show direction (horizontal,. Diagonal, vertical) and movement (slow/rapid, up/down), Shapes in art and the environment, Geometric and free-form shapes. , Arranging shapes into compositions, Identifying open and solid shapes, Recognizing and arranging shapes, Primary, secondary and neutral colors, Making secondary colors by mixing primary colors; warm and cool colors, Colors in nature and art, Identifying the relative location of an object in space (e.g. over/under, near/far)., Empty and full spaces, adding line, shape, color and texture to a surface, Identifying a center of interest in artworks, Art elements that appear to continue beyond the picture plane, Overlapping and placement to create the illusion of space. , Texture in nature and art, Tactile and visual textures, Creating visual texture with line and pattern, Two-and-three dimensional forms

We also offer these extra classes;Music, Physical Education,and Computer.