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Fourth Grade Curriculum

Number theory, Prime and composite numbers, divisibility, Powers and exponents, negative exponents, Scientific notation, Computational algorithms for whole numbers, decimals and fractions, Using data and probabilities, Polyhedrons, Transformations, Relationship among angles, Coordinate geometry, The US measurement system and the metric system, Measurements as estimates, Geometric concepts, Coordinate systems, Number pattern, Algebra and variables, Solving open sentences, Defining problems, Mathematical modeling, Basic problem-solving strategies


Independent reading with emphasis on genre and literary elements, literature theme tied to history and novels read in class, daily practice with writing mechanics, grammar and usage, weekly spelling and word studies, proofreading skills, paragraph writing, weekly writing assignments, spelling from dictation, classroom discussions, oral directions, class assembly.


The atmosphere, types of clouds and the water cycle, Gathering and graphing climate data, Making a model of the Mars Pathfinder and following Mars missions, Structural engineering experiences with straws, toothpick and paper clips, Habitats; how energies, water, air and dirt are connected, Planting experiences and the study of pollination, The states of matter, Static electricity, Series and parallel circuits, switches, conductors and insulators, Inclined planes, levers, wedges, wheels, screws and pulleys, Human body system and how they interact to maintain health


American history: first people of the Americans, the Age of Exploration, major events preceding and during the Revolutionary War, Westward migration, History of women, minorities and all social classes of people, Community service


Washburn School es una escuela de inmersión en inglés que busca formar estudiantes capaces de dominar dicha lengua a la par con los estudiantes y habitantes de cualquier país angloparlante. Aunque esa es sea la meta final, tenemos la misión de proteger y atesorar nuestra cultura hispana junto con nuestra tradición puertorriqueña. Es importante que el estudiante sea capaz de trabajar al máximo sus destrezas en ambas lenguas para que al final de su camino escolar, y al comienzo de su vida universitaria, pueda disfrutar de los beneficios de pertenecer al selecto grupo de estudiantes bilingües funcionales. 

We also offer these extra classes: Music, Physical Education, and Computer.